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Luxury Home Showcases Glory Walk & Pool

We call this the “Wonder Home” out here in Palm Springs. Why? Because every time it’s show, our buyers are in awe and wonder as they walk through what we call the Glory Walk and than outside to the Pool in the back yard.

To put it plainly, this luxury home in Palm Springs is beautiful. Initially this home was built in the early 2000′s and features astounding architecture that most would only find in the Palm Springs area taking on the after effects of a neighboring city called La Quinta. With the home being on the market for only a few weeks now, interested buyers should contact a Palm Springs real estate agent to schedule their own personal tour. The home has been looked at by several home-based companies. Some of which include Pathways Real Life Recovery and The TeleState Home Resource Show.

What most buyers from out of state and even the country don’t know, is there are a few real estate brokerages right here in Palm Springs that can actually sit you down in a film studio that literally puts you in the home your looking at. It’s a virtual experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. These existing real estate companies are top notch, innovative and are setting a new standard for the luxury home buying experience in the Palm Springs area.

Okay, taking a step back into the home, we’ll find that there are original artwork pieces mounted to several walls within the home. These artwork pieces range from $25,000 on up to $80,000 per piece and were mounted in the presence of their original artists. Along with the artwork, viewers will find luxury furniture, a well maintained garden, and views that would blow your mind. When we say views, we mean mountains of sun and snow dependent on the season. Having the luxury of living in Palm Springs means that you get Sun 90% of the time and with just a 2 hour drive you can be snowboarding down a fantastic mountain as if it was in your own back yard. People just can’t go wrong with that!

So if your waiting for else special to come along, you probably won’t find something as special as this luxury home in Palm Springs, CA. If your in Canada right now viewing this glorious piece of property, you can be sure to miss out if you don’t contact the nearest real estate agent today and start the process of ownership. Feel free to contact us through this site if you have any specific questions from the realtors association here.

Luxury Pool in Magnificent Home

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